The Egg in the Glass of Water on Good Friday

Holy Week is considered one of the most significant dates on the Christian calendar and has been observed by Christians on the Corn Islands since the establishment of the first church. However, beyond Christian rituals and traditions, a tapestry of superstitions has woven itself into the fabric of the local culture over time, particularly associated with Good Friday. One such superstition involves placing an egg in a transparent glass of water.

Early on Good Friday, before the sun rises, some locals believe that cracking an egg into a broken transparent glass filled with water and leaving it outside until noon can predict one's future.

According to this myth, when observed at noon, the white liquid or yolk of the egg will take on one of three shapes in the glass: a sailing boat, a coffin, or a veil.

If you see a sailing boat, it indicates that you will soon embark on a journey. If a coffin appears, it suggests that either you or someone close to you may face imminent death. On the other hand, if a veil is seen, it's a strong indication that marriage may be on the horizon in the coming months.

Despite the unknown origin of this belief, it has persisted among the Creole people for decades. Some locals have even tested it, attesting to its veracity.

This superstition is just one of many local beliefs tied to Good Friday, adding to the anticipation of this date for islanders.

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