The Black Creoles: Memories and Identities

"The Black Creoles: Memories and Identities" is an ethnographic film that chronicles, with historical detail, the migration of black people to the Caribbean regions of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, as well as the emergence of Creole identity.

This feature documentary amplifies the voices of Creole individuals from Nicaragua and Costa Rica, who have persistently resisted colonial influences and now strive to preserve their cultural heritage. Through a multitude of testimonies, viewers gain insight into the journey of black populations to the Caribbean and the evolution of Creole culture within the region. These narratives encapsulate the nuances of everyday life, showcasing cultural distinctions, traditions, worldviews, memories, dreams, identities, and the enduring challenges faced by these communities—both in the past and in contemporary times.

The audiovisual was made by Luna Films (2011) under the production of María José Álvarez and Martha Clarissa Hernández.

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