Municipal symbols of Corn Island

Like many towns, regions or countries, Corn Island has its own symbols, which reflect the local identity and history, as well as community values.


The flag of the Corn Islands consists of three rectangular stripes: turquoise green on the top, white in the centre, and brown on the bottom, featuring the Municipal Seal at its centre. 

In 2009, Shayron Tower made the flag. He won a contest on August 26 in Southwest Bay that was organized by the Municipal Government and Culture Committee. This contest was held among schools to choose the islands' flag and celebrate the 168th anniversary of the emancipation of slaves. Tower was representing the Rigoberto Cabezas Primary School. 

The Municipal Council officially approved the flag as a local symbol later that year. The flag was hoisted for the first time in public in 2011 at the Karen Tucker Stadium during the Atlantic (now Caribbean) Baseball Series.

Meaning of colours

Turquoise: This colour represents the Caribbean Sea, which showers the shores of Great Corn Island and Little Corn Island, home to a rich and diverse ecosystem and one of the means of livelihood for islanders.

White: This colour embodies the ideals of unity and peace, essential principles that ought to endure among the diverse communities of Great Corn Island and Little Corn Island. It also serves as a reminder of the emancipation granted to enslaved African descendants in 1841, underscoring the significance of freedom and equality for all inhabitants.

Brown: This colour symbolizes the lands and soil of Great Corn Island and Little Corn Island, representing both fertility and the rich ancestral heritage of the islands.

Coat of Arms

The Municipal Seal, or Coat of Arms, comprises a rudder representing Great Corn Island and Little Corn Island's primary economic activity – fishing. The inscription reads CORN ISLAND, NICARAGUA – RACCS, with RACCS being the Spanish acronym for the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region, the Nicaraguan territory where the islands are located.

On the rudder, moving from left to right, two palm trees symbolize Great Corn Island and Little Corn Island. Inside the rudder, there are four sections; the first two signify fishing (with the fishing boat on the left) and the islands' flora (with the two palm trees and grass on the right). The last two at the bottom represent the marine fauna of the islands.

The Municipal Seal predates the islands' flag, having been created in 2005 by Jostin Goyo and approved by the Municipal Council that same year.

Local anthem

The Corn Islands Anthem, popularly known as Corn Island Song, was written by teacher Arlene Hodgson in 1988. Hodgson is a musician and daughter of the late Vertic Hodgson, a local composer and author of songs like Launch Turn Over and other Maypole classics. 

The original melody for this song was composed by Spencer Hodgson, Arlene's brother. The song was declared the local anthem in 2010 by the Municipal Council and is sung or played during the celebration of emancipation from slavery. 

The lyrics vividly capture every facet of life on the Corn Islands, showcasing the islands' tourism, culture, gastronomy, and religious traditions. It celebrates the beauty of the Corn Islands, instilling a deep sense of pride in what it means to be a Cornislander.

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