Corn Islands' historical dates and holidays

Relevant dates in Corn Islands' history, including holidays, festivities and memorable events

1 January: New Year's Day (local and national holiday)

6 January: Old Christmas 

6 January: Closing of Masquerade celebrations

9 February: Corn Islands Birthday

14 February: Lovers' Day

Good Friday: Commemoration of the passion of Christ (celebrated by most churches, especially Catholic, Baptist and Anglican)

Holy Saturday: Judas Night

Easter Sunday: Also known as Sunrise Sunday. On this day, locals visit their deceased and a mass or service is held in the cemetery

Easter Monday: Corn Island Picnic Day 

1 April: Tom Fool's Day

8 April: Foundation of Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church (1958)

1 May: Opening of Maypole celebrations

1 May: Foundation of Saint James Episcopal Church (1901)

30 May: Mother's Day (local and national holiday)

31 May: Closing of Maypole celebrations

1 June: Children's Day (worldwide) 

23 June: Father's Day (national)

29 June: Teacher's Day (national)

16 July: Feast of Our Lady Star of the Sea, patron saint of the Corn Islands Catholic community (celebrated since 1958)

26 July: Grandparent's Day (national)

25 August: Foundation of Ebenezer Baptist Church and School (1852)

27 August: Emancipation Day (local holiday)

28 August: Miss Corn Island election night

29 August: Cross Over, Little Corn Island

18 September: The day Christopher Columbus spotted the Corn Islands in 1502 and called them Islas Limonares

Last Sunday of September: Bible Day (in the whole country)

8 - 9 October: Anniversary of the passage of Hurricane Julia in 2022

13 October: Anniversary of the declaration of Great Corn Island, Little Corn Island, and Blowing Rock as Protected Areas

16 October: Anniversary of the declaration of Corn Island as a National Tourist Heritage

21 October: Anniversary of the passage of Hurricane Joan in 1988

30 October: Autonomy Day of the Caribbean Coast (local and regional holiday)

1 December: Beginning of the Christmas Carol season 

7 December: Gritería (held by the Catholic Church)

8 December: Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary (celebrated by the Catholic and Anglican Church)

15 December: Beginning of Masquerade celebrations

23 December: Christmas concert and Closing of Christmas Carol

24 December: Christmas Eve

25 December: Christmas Day (local and national holiday)

31 December: Watchnight (New Year's Eve)

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